Event Start Date:
May 28, 2023
Event End Date:
May 28, 2023
Event Venue:

Join us on 28 May for Menstrual Hygiene Day, an important event that aims to shed light on the challenges faced by millions of women and girls worldwide. It’s disheartening that these individuals experience stigmatization, exclusion, and discrimination simply because they menstruate.

We believe it’s unacceptable that something as natural as menstruation should hinder women and girls from receiving an education, earning a living, and fully participating in everyday life.

Believe Foundation committed to working throughout the year to address this issue. We have two main objectives:

  1. Breaking taboos and eliminating the stigma surrounding menstruation.
  2. Raising awareness about the challenges related to accessing menstrual products, providing education about menstruation, and creating period-friendly sanitation facilities.

We invite you to join us in making menstrual hygiene a normal fact of life for everyone. Together, we can empower women and girls to reach their full potential, unhindered by societal barriers.

In our efforts to create awareness about menstrual hygiene, the Believe Foundation conducts workshops specifically designed to educate young children about periods and dispel common myths surrounding menstruation. By starting the conversation at a young age, we hope to foster a culture of understanding and acceptance.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to improving access to sanitary products for those in need. Our goal is to ensure that affordable and high-quality menstrual products are readily available to women and girls. We also recognize the importance of proper disposal methods for used sanitary napkins. In this regard, we are actively working on providing incinerators to safely and hygienically dispose of these products, promoting cleanliness and environmental sustainability.

Join us in creating a world where menstruation is no longer a barrier. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of women and girls everywhere.